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We thrive on having the best service as possible. That combines the experience and wisdom of those who have worked in the print industry for over 10 years with modern technology to provide you with an incredible web-2-print experience.

These FAQs are designed to address any questions you may have with our services.



1. General Questions

2. Products & Services

3. Designing Online

4. Ordering

5. Returns, Refunds & Customer Services

6. Managing Your Account

7. Despatch & Delivery

8. Payments & Invoices


1. General Questions

a) How do you I contact you?

b) What’s your address and location?

c) What are your opening times?

d) Which holidays are you closed for?

e) What are Lishio’s legal details?

f) I have a suggestion, what should I do?

g) Will you sponsor me?


2. Products & Services

a) I can’t find what I’m looking for on your website - can you print it for me?

b) How do I choose what I want?

c) How is my product printed?

d) Where is my product printed?

e) Is this digital printing?

f) Can you print on recycled paper?

g) Can you print on FSC certified paper?

h) I don’t see the size I want - do you do other sizes?

i) There’s a design I like but I need it modifying or adapting to a different product.

j) I want something individual and bespoke designing

k) How is my product printed?

l) When I re-order, will the paper be exactly the same?


3. Designing Online

a) How do I zoom in and out?

b) How do I change text?

c) How do I move around the page?

d) Why can’t I move text around the page?

e) How can I see the back?

f) How do I change text size?

j) How do I change text colour?

h) How do I change font?

i) How do I change text alignment?

j) Can I spell check?

k) How do I edit text?

l) How do I upload my own image or logo?

m) What image formats can I upload?

n) There’s bit of the design that I can’t change - why’s that?

o) Can I save my design and come back later?

p) Can I use my own logo and photos?

q) What if I make a mistake?

r) When will new designs be available?

s) I don’t want (eg faxnumber) on my design do I have to have it?

t) Can I request further designs?


4. Ordering

a) I want to send you a file to print - how do set it up?

b) How do I get help with placing an order?

c) What happens after I place an order?

d) I’m in a rush - can you help me out?

e) Can you check my files for me?

f) I’m stuck! What should I do?

g) What types of files can I use?

h) How do I change my order?

i) How do I check my order status?

j) What if I’m not happy with my order?

k) Can I order a (free) sample?

l) What happens if my order is late?


5. Returns, Refunds & Customer Services

a) There’s something wrong with my order, what do I do?

b) Can I cancel my order?

c) I’ve noticed a mistake can I change my order?


6. Managing Your Account

a) How do I update my details?

b) I’ve forgotten my password, how do I get a reminder?

c) Why do I have to register?

d) How do I create an account?

e) Do you store any information about me?


7. Despatch & Delivery

a) What delivery options are available?

b) How do I change the delivery address after I’ve placed the order?

c ) Can I deliver to a different delivery address?

d) How much is delivery to ...?

e) How is my order shipped?

f) How long will it take?

g) Where do you deliver to?

h) How is my order packaged?

i) Do you offer plain packaging?

j) Where is my order?

k) Can you send me samples in the post?


8. Payments & Invoices

a) How can I pay?

b) I have a question about an invoice / payment. What should I do?

c) How do I get my VAT invoice?

d) Can I pay with cash or cheque?

e) Is my payment secure?

f) Should I be charged VAT?

g) I’m VAT exempt, why are you charging me VAT?





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