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Straight backdrops are made from a strong, lightweight, aluminium frame
and a fabric cover, which can be printed on the front and reverse. They
are perfect for defining an exhibition area or dividing open office
space. The fabric cover is one continuous graphic which completely
eliminates the problem of visible join lines commonly encountered on
traditional multi-panel exhibition backdrops.

Straight backdrops
can be accessorised with connection kits to attach them to other Stage
backdrops or lights to illuminate your display from above. Just add a
backdrop to the basket, then choose your accessories on the next page.

backdrops can be used in conjunction with a bridge to make a
3 dimensional display, with or without a TV bracket, or a curved top
display which features shelves and a TV bracket to complete your
promotional area.

REORDER WARNING: Some frame sizes have  increased  so any orders placed before 06/12/23 will not be compatible with the current generation of hardware. Please check the spec carefully before placing your order or ask for more information.

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