Digital A4 Booklets : Full Bleed : 170gsm

Digital 170gsm silk + full bleed

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Choose 170gsm silk art paper for an impressive and weighty brochure.

Upgrade to a thicker cover.
Change 4 pages (inside and outside, front and back covers) to 200gsm
silk art paper on any A4 Fast&Few Booklets. Additional costs apply.

Fast&Few Booklets are
printed differently to our other full colour printing, we print them
out quickly and cheerfully without using a full litho-printing
machinery. Don't worry, they're still quality booklets.
Start designing from our ready-made InDesign templates:
Compare our range of Booklets - Digital products, with all the available sizes and finishing options.
You can then see the price difference between any product variation.
Upload your print-ready files when you've chosen the perfect finishing combination for your print.

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